It's Chinese new year's time.
Let's rock!
Since I know I will go to US for master, I knew I wouldn't stay in Twaiwan for a Chinese New year.
Students in the foreign country would like to have the same happy feeling.
One of my senior from Taiwan hold a party in his house last Friday.
I was invited to the party but I didn't prepare any food.
How embarassing.

In the party, I met some new friends there. They were staying here for a long time.They are all experienced here.
I am so new and I don't know how to join in their conversation. My job in the party was taking photo.
After a good meal, they were playing Wii with a guitar.
Suddenly, I found that we are remoted in a distant country.
Friends are very important when the helpless feeling occurs.
That's why they were SO HIGH last Friday.

Actually, I didn't feel any uncomfortable since I have to stay in US for a Chinese New Year.
No matter what, I would give my best wishes to people who I concern much.
Wish you can have a good year.
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